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Friday, August 20, 2004

"Lemur Anaesthesiologist"

Today's Internet is filled with dozens of highly sophisticated and complex online games with fanciful names like "Everquest" (known to addicted players as "Ever Crack"). Evolved from the text-only MUDs (Multi User Dungeons) of yesteryear, today's MMOGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Games) are often accused of lacking in actual content and being nothing more than an excuse to burn hours and lighten wallets.

Critics of these online worlds are of sceptical of the true value of having adventure handed to one's imagination on a silver platter. What ever happened to the good old days when the best game was invented on the spot with a couple of pebbles and a twig and the best adventures found in one's own backyard?

Thankfully there are still some folks, as attached to their computer chairs as they are, that still possess imaginations active enough to invent their own fun and games.

One such example is the phenomenon of "Google Whacking" ( ). The rules of Google Whacking are simple, use the Google search engine ( ) to search for the last bastions of uniquity on the web by conducting searches using two word combinations. If you find a single website, which is not just a list of words, with your search, then you have scored a "Whack!" which can then be recorded on the "Whack Stack".

Whacking isn't as easy as it may sound however, it requires some very cunning thinking, as well as an esoteric vocabulary. Just playing around over a single afternoon, I was only able to score true whacks with "Forsythia Pseudoscorpion" and "Lemur Anaesthesiologist".

Another bit of adventure that can be found online is called "Geocaching" ( ). The concept of Geocaching is that folks all around the world have hidden secret caches in all sorts of places, then have placed clues to their location, most notably their GPS (Global Positioning System) co-ordinates, on the Geocaching website. Folks interested in finding a cache can search for caches close to their location and then attempt to track down these hidden treasures. Fair play is important to the success of Geocaching however, so remember, if you find a cache and take an item, always leave something in turn.

Adroit Indiana Jones wannabes will note that there are several caches hidden on Manitoulin Island and the North Shore of Lake Huron, but don't be afraid to look up caches for locations that you are planning on visiting as well!

posted by Kusari 9:36 PM

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