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What is "The Lonely Gunman"?

"The Lonely Gunman" is my attempt to create an interesting electronic newsletter that covers a variety of esoteric subjects that interest me and will hopefully interest my readers. I call it "The not very well known electronic newsletter of esoteric digital nonsense".

Why did I create "The Lonely Gunman"?

I'm the kind of person that always seems to be digging up weird stuff on the internet. I've shared my findings with a select few friends, but lately more and more of them have been telling me I should be sharing with more people. An electronic newsletter was the easiest way to do this.

How did I create "The Lonely Gunman"?

Originally I used a web-based CGI script to handle subscriptions and unsubscriptions from my newsletter. I found the script at It is called "BNB's NoMoDoMo" and is one of the slickest I've come across for NT Servers. The Newsletters themselves were mailed through a private web-based form. Subscribers received the newsletter as a plain text email.

It worked quite well, except that it was hard to find time to put the newsletter together, so, in an attempt to keep things fresh, I recently converted "The Lonely Gunman" in a Blog, using convenient tools from

Who is the "The Lonely Gunman"?

Well, despite the little mascot I created for "The Lonely Gunman", the creative force behind the newsletter is me-- Dylon Whyte, aka Kusari Kahn. The newsletter reflects subjects that I'm interested in, but I will not be responsible for content that any reader disagrees with. If you don't like my newsletter, then don't read it; if you don't like a website I recommend, then please take it up with the owner of that website. If you find a joke offensive, then please get a sense of humor.

Where is the "The Lonely Gunman"?

Well, you used to be able to have "The Lonely Gunman" delivered free to your inbox on a semi-erractic schedule by filling out a convenient form... But, just recently I decided to turn "The Lonely Gunman" into a Blog, which you can read Right Here.

If you have any thoughts, or questions and comments about "The Lonely Gunman", then please feel free to drop me an email at

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