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Friday, March 07, 2003

Long time readers of The Lonely Gunman will know that I quite fancy female singers, especially ones with lovely voices to sing me to sleep at night.

A friend who share's my passion for lovely female singing voices suggested tonight's selection, the rather esoteric European duo: Lunascape.

Like her, it seems that most North Americans were first introduced to Lunascape through the 3D IMAX film "Haunted Castle". Featuring Kyoko Baertsoen, Lunascape's lead singer, performing a song entitled "Lane Navachi" from their debit CD, in what I understand is a stunning 3d computer animated segment, this song seems to have stuck in a lot of minds.

Lunascape's sound is reminiscent of several styles, with the best tunes being:

"Lane Navachi" is just about the perfect tune for a haunted house, a little bit like a techno Enya. I'm not sure what language the majority of the lyrics are in, but they certainly don't sound like English.

"Tears from the Moon" is one of my top picks from the CD, orchestrated, haunting and in English (albeit with a German/Belgium accent!) "…I'm so sad I made the angels cry…"

"Sequoia" starts off with a beat that could have come right off Robbie Robertson's "Contact from the Underworld of Redboy", but quickly escalates into a powerful vocal harmonic.

"Yairo" is another non-english tune, although, this time it reminds me more of the Gaelic parts of Ashley MacIsaac's "Sleepy Maggie" and Chab Mamey's weird vocals from Sting's "Desert Rose". The background music is a very interesting non-synthetic techno beat. (Yes, I realize that's an oxymoron!)

"Dream Scenario" - is my other top pick, simply angelic, which a cute little tinge of European accent: "…Get me out of dare…" instead of "there".

The other seven tunes: "Love Leather", "Inferno", "Love=Creepy", "Mourning Star", "Sin for Me", "Your Shadow" and "My 2nd Skin" are all very Dido/Sade-esque in sound, varying only slightly. One may be a little more pop, one jazz, one rock, etc… Not that they aren't excellent tunes to dig, just that there's nothing specific to distinguish them from each other.

Unfortunately the Lunascape CD: Reflecting Seyelence (what the devil is Seyelence) doesn't seem to be available in North America. So, unless you wanna order from the only alternative is the search for the MP3s, which are also unfortunately rather rare.

My special thanks to the Mistress of Toes for bringing Lunascape to my attention and for helping me track down all the tunes!

Until next time!

P.S. The Official Lunascape Website mentions that Kyoko Baertsoen was previously the lead singer of a group called Hooverphonic, it may be worth looking into some of their older work to find more samples of her lovely singing.

posted by Kusari 11:35 PM

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