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Sunday, January 12, 2003

Here's a little online comic that a friend turned me on to, it's called "Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki".

With a name like that (and you guessed it I'm sure) this comic is totally anime / manga in nature, however, SGVY is definitely on the lighter side of things. Taking quite a few pot-shots at standard anime concepts, such as "The Panty Shot".

I won't spoil the story, go read it for yourself! Just be sure to start from the beginning, otherwise things won't make much sense (not that they will if you start from the beginning, but at least the story does follows a "natural" progression if you do!)

The artist has combined several neat styles of drawing with some digital photo compositing, which I find very cool as it relates to the concept which I've heard referred to as: "The (Mentalistic) Homunculus".

(No, not ~that~ homunculus, we're not growing folks in tubes here people!)

I'm talking about the way humans filter the basic sensual input of the world through a distorted (Caricature / Cartoon / Homunculi) version of themselves. In turn, this allows us to identify very strongly with "cartooned" characters who appear in hyper-real settings.

Scott McCloud covers this concept (in specific reference to anime / manga styles) in his excellent book: "Understanding Comics". (BTW, this is the finest book ever written on understanding the how's and why's of sequential art!)

posted by Kusari 12:48 AM

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