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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Greetings everyone! Pardon the delay in getting the second part of this story posted, but there’s been some forces at work in the universe which were attempting to make sure the following information was never revealed.

Picking up the story from where I left of… After discovering and documenting the region of unusual bear and human prints we decided to follow the bear tracks further south along the beach. The path was quite clear, the animal had taken a rather nonchalant meandering north along the shore for a good 200 yards. However, we never did discover the starting point for the bear tracks, as they simply appeared to “come into being” at a certain point.

This origin point was an utter mystery until I noted some markings in the sand at the exact point where the tracks appeared to begin:

Strange Imprints

I think that you will agree that these oddly geometric patterns are very unusual indeed and I can’t even begin speculate as to their origin.

Realizing that it is very hard to interpret the patterns in the above photo, I decided to enhance the photo by tracing the patterns with vivid colours:

Strange Imprints with Highlights

To further enhance the shapes, I removed the original photo and then stretched the entire tracing to compensate for the fact that the picture was taken at an angle:

Interdimension Star Map

I’ll have to leave a thorough analyses up to the “Big Boys”, however, there’s little doubt in my mind that what we’re looking at here is some kind of interdimensional star chart or mystical runes with the power to bend spacetime.

That’s right, not only are we talking about evidence of lycanthrope, we’re looking at what could very well be a shape-changing creature from another planet and/or dimension.

Or are we…?

posted by Kusari 11:34 PM

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