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Friday, August 06, 2004

"Sideways (With a Triple Half-pike) Off Centre"

While there are literally thousands of news sources available online, such as the 4,500 searchable sources provided through Google News And traditional newspapers which are now available online, such as The New York Times ( ), The Washington Post ( ), The Wall Street Journal ( ) and The Toronto Star ( ) and traditional television news networks, such as CNN ( ), CNBC ( ) and BBC World News ( ).

Where do you go when you want to find news that is completely off The Associated Press ( ) radar?

Probably one of the biggest "Alternanews" sources is Disinformation® ( ), a site dedicated to showing the alternative side of everyday news stories, as well as a host of fascinating alternative history stories and enough conspiracy lore to stir any buff's imagination.

Disinformation® are also publishers of yearly anthology collections of alternative news essays and stories with delightfully tantalizing titles such as "Abuse Your Illusions", "Everything You Know is Wrong" and "You Are Being Lied Too". All of which are dandy Christmas gifts to give to acquaintances who are looking for something a little different to sink their minds into. It is always a thrill to find the now infamously horned Disinformation® logo on a new tome at the bookstore.

On the lighter side of the alternative news scene is "The Onion" ( ), self-titled as "Americas Finest News Source", a completely less-than-serious website that is bound to leave readers rolling around under their computer desks laughing and finding a zillion articles to forward to email pals. The Onion is completely irreverent in its satirical outlook on commonplace societal activities, with headlines proclaiming such earth shattering events as the continuation of a movie after a brief commercial break. Or creating a new mythology with modern pop media icons, with fictional stories about them being installed on permanent display at the Smithsonian museum.

Somewhat in the shadow of The Onion is Canada's own "The Toque" ( ), which puts a 100% Canuckian spin on the satirical faux news business. Be prepared for plenty of stories about beer, hockey, beavers, Wayne Gretsky and the great outdoors while reading The Toque. Of course, The Toque is also happy to take pot shots world news and Internet Icons, such as Master of Micro Mayhem himself: Bill Gates!

posted by Kusari 9:33 PM

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