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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Just for the heck of it, here's some of my personal picks for funny TV shows…

Long time readers of The Lonely G. will recall that I've always had a certain fancy for crazy things from the Far East. I personally think that it all started with playing bad English translations of Japanese computer games. (The ultimate bad translation being the incredibly popular phenomenon of "All Your Base Are Belong to Us".)

Sidenote: I know I mentioned them before, but for more non-TV Asian Insanity check out Crazy Asian Drinks and

For the longest time, my favourite Japanese TV insanity was Iron Chef. I was a great admirer of Chairman Kaga's (My Hero!) gusto in investing his fortune in Kitchen Stadium, just so that he could sample new taste sensations.

But a few years back I discovered (Actually, what I discovered an 8 hour Banzai marathon for New Year's Eve. It was rather akin to drinking Mountain Dew while snorting giant blue Canuckian Pixie Stix and watching a C-64 emulation of Digital Acid @_@) the wicked betting opportunities provided by another overseas import (Surprisingly enough, the British Broadcasting Corporation): Banzai!

Featuring a loveable cast of characters, such as Mr. Cheeky Chappy and Mr. Shake Hands Man (Who like to shake hand with celebrities for very long time.) As well as a motley assortment of guests, such as "Rich Lady Anna" (and how many names she knows for male and female genitals) to Mr. Dr. Who Peter Davidson (and who he would XXXX up the XXXX to save the world).

Up until a few weeks ago Banzai was my #1 fav crazy Asian show, that was until I discovered Most Extreme Elimination Challenge on, which is abusively crazy and funny as the nine fires of Tartarus (No Kenny, that's not Tartar Sauce)!

MXC is wicked on two levels, first of all, it's just great fun to watch people compete in insane reality TV style games how challenges. Combine this with wickedly satiric and wildly off-colour commentary and you end up with a true gem of crazy Asian TV!

Just for fun (and to extend this article), I thought I would also mention on other amusing show: "The Joe Schmo Show". Striving to put all trashy reality TV in its place with it's refreshing take on the genera. The concept is a set of characters competing for $100k on a reality show called "The Lap of Luxury". The twist is that all of the characters are actors, except one gentleman named Matt, the "Joe Schmo" of the
show's title and the whole show is designed to drive him insane! (What the Heck is Goooinnggg ONNN!?) It's great fun to watch Matt's psychology crumble from week to week until the ultimate reveal! Just how will Joe React? Better watch and find out.

Ok, that's enough for now, where the heck did I leave the remote?

posted by Kusari 11:32 PM

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