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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Well, here’s a little shock for everyone who thought that I was completely A.W.O.L! I’m still alive and kicking! (and dazed and confused, so what’s new, eh?)

Anyhow, here’s a fun little game of 20 questions based on an interesting artificial intelligence system that basically collects and distils “common knowledge”.

The implications of such a system are actually quite fascinating, I mean, sheeesh! If reality is truly relative, that is, we can only define “what is” through our individual sensory perceptions, what happens when you create a machine that is capable of boiling the sum of all human sensory perception into a single “common knowledge”?

Do you end up creating a god? Or a single common reality, against which there are no differing viewpoints? Perhaps a state of perfect and unchanging order?

More than anything, it sounds like a great way of creating a really big badaboom to me! (Quick, somebody give the Turing Police a buzz and stop this nonsense now!)

posted by Kusari 8:58 PM

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