The Paradoxian Manifesto
Achieving enlightenment through ascendant paradox

by Abstruse Profundity, Ascendant Master of the Philosophia Paradoxum

"The Philosophy of Paradox"

Through our very biology as humans we are bilateral beings, we have two hands, two feet, two eyes, even two lobes in our brain.

This face causes humanity to see almost all things in terms of their opposite, Black is the opposite of White, Left is the Opposite of Right, Good is the Opposite of Evil and so on. Most people however realize that nothing in the universe is that simple, many shades of grey fill the gap between black and white, the center lies between right and left, good and evil are just concepts in a range of perceptions.

And perception is where the true problem festers, our universe is completely relative, each of us carries our own slice of reality, which is different and unique to us alone. We can explain our reality to other people, some will agree about some parts of it, some will disagree with parts of it, some will refute it, some will deny it and some will wish to kill you just for your perception of reality.

The most amazing thing in all this is that none of us will ever know the truth, the real truth, the exact way it really is, this makes reality something less than an absolute.

There are few human concepts that transcend bilateral identification, the perfect example is the concept of the Paradox. A statement or situation that completely contradicts itself, such as: "I always lie". If this statement can neither be true or false, it is a paradox.

Can true reality therefore be defined as paradox? In that we all experience it, however, can never truly know it?

I believe so.

Paradox is therefore the center, the shades of grey, perception itself and if we can learn to accept that what we perceive is paradox then we can achieve balance, harmony and enlightenment.

More to come...

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