A Night's Delight
A Night's Delight

Running through the mists
Of deception and lies
Passing trees of gnarled wood.
Hoping the light might
Once again touch my face
Hoping, once again, to be good.

The night has just begun
My young innocent friend
Under the light of the full moon.
Your thoughts, they will change.
A raging beast will be free
Then, will your body be in tune.
With the forces of nature
The forces of good
The forces of all that is right.
You will be come strong,
My friend, and brave as well.
All this will happen tonight.

To my dismay
My control is lost
And I kill with no remorse.
Drinking thier blood
Eating their flesh
Life's circle taking it's course.

At the night's end
I feel weak
Not Recalling a single event.
My clothes are torn
My mouth tastes of copper.
I wonder what this note could have meant?

"My friend, you've done it.
You are now complete.
You probably don't remember a thing.
But I'll be back
To teach you some more.
It will have a familiar ring"

I crumple it up
And toss it aside.
Forgetting it ever read.
Imagery flashes
Blood splashes
The strangest thoughts live in my head.

-- Draxen DragonWolf